CLASSIC HAUNTING - The spirit of a person that pasted
on for some reason did not cross over at the time of death
A Classic Haunting is an intelligent Haunting that involves a
spirit that has the ability to interact with the living and the
living has the ability to interact with them
Classic hauntings are usually not dangerous

RESIDUAL HAUNTING - Residual hauntings can occur when something
traumatic occurs such as a murder
Negative energy is released into the atmosphere, causing the atmosphere
to imprint or record the events Like a recorded Loop, it will play the
events over and over again
The entities involved in A residual haunting are unaware of their
and are not an intelligent haunting
Residual hauntings are not Dangerous

Intelligent Haunting - an intelligent Haunting is a haunting that
involves a spirit that has the ability to interact with the living and the
living has the ability to interact with them
the spirits have free will and show intelligence
Intelligent Spirits  haunt the place they feel most comfortable in  
Intelligent hauntings usually are not Dangerous

POLTERGEIST - (noisy Ghost)
A Poltergeist activity is usually caused by a family member going through
something negative or an adolescent teenager going through puberty stages
to much negativity is the main cause of a poltergeist
Poltergeist can cause tapping sounds, the movement
of objects, lights flickering on/off and things disappearing are just
some of the things that can happen
A poltergeist likes to mess with people
Poltergeist activity usually is not Dangerous

Shadow People - This type of haunting activity has no real explanation
Shadow People have no discernible mouth, nose or facial expressions
Some are seen as child sized dark human
At times when they move, they appear to be moving on an invisible track
from one place to another
Shadow People are not Usually Dangerous

DEMONS - Demons are entities that never had a mortal human form
Demons are pure energy entities
They are described in three different ways
1. As angelic, a being of beauty that will manipulate the person to commit
something that is sinful or Dangerous
2. Horrific, evil looking
Some people claim, they have seen demons that are incredibly hideous it's
believed demons do this to scare humans because they know what we fear
however this is not their true appearance
3. Black mist, black fog, black shadow, black smoke
Most demonic hauntings, the occupants claim to be followed by black mist
or black fog
Demons are deceivers and they manipulate our society towards social
Demon cases are extremely rare
Don't Mess with Demons, Leave that to clergy or a Demonologist
Demons Are Extremely Dangerous

Doppelganger - Doppelganger Activity is Extremely rare but can happen
Case example: German ghost hunting investigative team is called upon a
Doppelganger haunting activity to investigate
The woman victim was standing on a street corner and with her peripheral
vision saw the image of herself on a bus The image of herself was staring
back at her
One week later she again faced her Doppelganger in a crowded mall, it
stared at her and seemed to disappear amongst the mass of people It
wore the same clothes that she wore One week later, she
was diagnosed with cancer

In most cases, the victim of this haunting activity is in danger with their
immediate surroundings, their family or in some cases the victim themselves
are in grave danger of illness or death
Doppelganger Activity is extremely Dangerous