ANOMALY - Something that cannot be explained

APPARITION - is a visible manifestation of the soul from a deceased
human or animal

AURA - An energy field of light that surrounds all living

CLAIRVOYANCE - The ability to have  mental perceptions  
about people and life situations

COLD SPOT - an area of psychic energy with a temperature
change from the surrounding area

DeJa Vu - Certain events and experiences that seem as if you
have experienced them before

DE MATERIALIZATION - The disappearance of a physical object

DIVINING ROD - A forked rod used to indicate the presence of
a spirit

ECTOPLASM - A product of psychic energy that will usually
form as a fog or solid white mass

Extrasensory perception - (ESP) is most commonly called the
sixth sense as it is sensory information an individual receives
which comes beyond the ordinary five senses

Electronic Voice Phenomena - (EVP) The practice of recording
spirit voices or nosies on audio
Usually nothing is heard at the time of the recording, it is
only during playback that voices or noises are heard

GHOST - the visual appearance of a deceased human or Animal

GHOSTLY LIGHT - An unexplainable light visible to the naked

GHOSTLY MIST OR FOG - This is a fog or mist that is visible
on photographs but was not visible to the naked eye

HAUNTING - Paranormal experiences occurring over a period of
time in a specific location

MANIFESTATION - When an entity has taken form

MATERIALIZATION - The temporary visible formation of a spirit

MEDIUM - A psychic who communicates with spirits

METAPHYSICS - Literally means that which is beyond the
laws of physics

NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE - The experiences undergone by
person who is either at the point of death but then

ORB - An orb is a sphere like object generally captured in
photographs  (a true orb emits it's own light)
most Orbs are airborne particles such as dust or pollen

OUIJA BOARD - A board with the alphabet and other symbols on it
It can open doors you wont be able to close

OUT OF BODY EXPERIENCE - To be able to leave your physical

PARANORMAL - Something that is beyond the range of normal
human experience or scientific explanation

PARANORMAL RESEARCHER - Someone who uses their own
theories, ideas and equipment A true researcher works to disprove a

PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION - The act of going to an
allegedly haunted location, gathering data and analyzing
collected data to prove or disprove a haunting

POSSESSION - When a person's mind or body are believed to
be taken over by evil spirits

PREDICTION - To be able to predict future events

PSYCHIC - a person who is especially gifted

SÉANCE - A seance generally involves communication between
the physical realms and one or more entities from other

SKEPTIC - In parapsychology, one who insists on ruling out all
possible natural causes for a phenomenon before calling it

SPIRIT - A supernatural entity

SUPERNATURAL - Something that exists or occurs through
some means other than any known force in nature

TELEKINESIS - To move an object or your body without
physically touching said object

TELEPATHY - To know what others are thinking

URBAN LEGEND - A story that is too good to be true and
takes on a life of its own

VORTEX - In photography this is the appearance of a vortex in
a photo

WHITE NOISE - A hiss like sound formed by combining all
audible frequencies

WITCH - One who follows an Earth based religious path that
may or may not be polytheistic