• The house is located in southwest Minnesota in
    the small town of Boyd. This four story 2,100 sq ft
    home was built in 1901 and located at the edge of
    town and was close to the Sioux reservation line

  • The deed goes back to 1884 when the land was
    owned by the Pacific & Minneapolis railroad.

  • Boyd was a big booming town in the 1800-1900's
  • Boyd house is haunted, They feel the spirits are
    tied to the land before the house was built  
  • Two mediums have reported the presence of
    women and children
  • People have felt blankets being tugged on,
    touching, audible voices and EVP's of children
    and adults have been recorded
  • Toys have been known to move
  • A man has been seen sitting in a chair
  • Some have awoken to him staring at them
  • Footsteps can be heard in the upstairs hallway,
    pounding on doors, doors closing, and even piano
    playing have been experienced at the Boyd House
  • SPACE IS LIMITED to 8 people
  • You must pre - register via this page
  • The cost is $25.00 Per Person  to cover the cost of
    renting the house and administration costs
  • We will have the house from 3pm to 12 noon
  • If you plan on sleeping bring your own blankets
    and pillows