EVP Recorder - (electronic voice phenomena)
Audio recorders are a major investigation tool for recording EVPs
An EVP is a common phenomenon in the paranormal world where
voices or sounds are picked up on analog or digital voice recorder but
is not heard at the time of actual recording    

An analog tape recorder or digital voice recorder is the most common
device for obtaining EVPs However voices and sounds have been
picked up on other recording devises

Some of the most common sounds documented,
consist of knocking, banging, tapping, rapping, footsteps and other
non-verbal noises
Voices can range from a minute whisper all the way to a recognizable
word or phrase

EMF Meter - (electric magnetic field meter)
is a scientific instrument for measuring electromagnetic fields
(abbreviated as EMF)
An EMF is the Invisible lines of force produced by voltage and current
surround any electrical device or electrical power line

Magnetic fields are only produced by materials that are naturally
If a person is exposed to  high of EMF emissions for to long they can
nausea, dizziness, headaches or hallucinations

Laser grid pen - The laser grid pen is a high powered laser that emits
a grid of green or blue dots that are useful for detecting shadows or
visual disturbances during an investigation

Infrared Light - Infrared or IR, is electromagnetic radiation
with longer wavelengths than those of visible light and is therefore
Infrared Lighting is use to aid with night vision photography and video

Flash Light - a battery operated portable light
Flashlights are used as a light source when in a place with no power

Hand Held Thermometer - hand held thermometers are Used simply to
measure and record the temperature
The Two types that are used in paranormal investigations are direct
reading and indirect reading

The direct reading

The direct reading makes use of some form of sensor that is placed
in contact with what is
being measured such as the air or a surface

The indirect reading

commonly called the non contact it has a laser that shoots out a
beam of  light
The laser is there to act as a guide to what the thermometer is
pointing at by  placing a red  
spot onto the surface being measured

The hand held thermometer is a valuable tool in paranormal

Thermal imaging camera - A thermal imaging camera is one of
the main types of cameras used in paranormal investigation field   

By rendering infrared radiation as visible light such cameras allow
investigators to see areas of hot or cold fluctuations

Cold will usually show as a dark color, the colder the temp of the
object being
detected the darker the color on the read out screen

Hot will usually show as a light color, the hotter the temp of the
object being
detected the lighter the color on the read out screen

Closed Circuit Television camera (CCTV) - CCTV is nothing more than
A set of cameras and a DVR that are all part of a system
The cameras are separated from the recorder by a long cable or
wireless link

CCTV is a very useful tool in paranormal investigating

The cameras are usually put in most active areas of the space that is
under investigation they are left running for the entire investigation

Infrared Camera - An infrared camera detects infrared energy  and
converts it into an electronic signal which is then processed to
produce a thermal image on a video monitor

The Infrared camera is one of the main types of cameras used in the
investigation field

Full Spectrum Camera - A Full spectrum Camera has a clear filter
of the internal IR Blocking filter  this will allow the camera to capture
the entire light spectrum

With Full Spectrum cameras you can detect visual anomalies or
potential paranormal activity
with high quality video While night vision allows you to record unseen
infrared light giving you the ability to record in total darkness

full spectrum is specifically designed for ghost hunting to see far
beyond our normal sight
into areas of the spectrum where theories suggest ghosts reside

Digital camera - A digital camera records and stores photographic
images in digital
form many current models are also able to capture sound and video
in addition to still images
These stored images can be uploaded to a computer immediately or
stored in the camera

The digital camera is one of the main types of cameras used in the
paranormal investigation
Spirit Box -

Digital Video recorder (DVR)
- A digital video recorder (DVR) is an
electronic device that records video in a digital format to a disk drive,
flash drive, SD
memory card or other local or networked mass storage devices

The DVR is an essential tool in the paranormal investigation field

Walkie Talkies (two way) - A two-way radio  allows the operator to
have a conversation with other similar radios operating on the same
radio frequency  

Walkie Talkies are an essential part of the investigators safety